Double Impact Productions is a full service studio facility ran by WD Glashouwer & Pieter Tjeerdsma. The studio is  located in the northern parts of The Netherlands.

Double Impact has everything you need for music production, recording, mixing and mastering. The beautiful designed and acoustically great sounding studio gives a comfortable and pleasant work atmosphere. Through the use of high-end equipment and the strive for perfection, Double Impact Productions ensures a professional and killer end product.

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Services & Rates

Full Production

Full production includes recording, editing, mixing and mastering.


You’ve recorded your tracks in another studio? We can take care of a professional mixing job.


You want to give your mixes a professional high-end finish? We offer high-end digital mastering for CD, Vinyl and digital releases.


Want a great guitar or bass sound, but don’t have the amps, cabs, mics, pre-amps and recording knowledge? Get in touch and we’ll help you out!

If you want us to mix and/or master your record get in touch before you start recording. We will provide you with tips on how to get the best possible recordings.

Hybrid project

We offer “hybrid projects” for bands on a small budget. Lots of musicians have the option to make great recordings in their home-studio, but don’t have the high-end equipment and knowledge to make a professional sounding record. This is where we can help out.
Double Impact Productions can take care of drum recordings, drum programming, reamping, mixing and mastering while the band can record guitar DI’s, vocals and keys at home.

Together we will make a professional record.


Contact for info & pricing.

We work with fixed project rates. Experience taught us that working with an hour or day rate deprives the end product.





Audio products

Next to our studio activities we develop audio products as well.

Check our webshop for more info.


Rengersweg 10
9062 ED | Oentsjerk
The Netherlands

WD:     +31 (0)6 172 362 52
Pieter: +31 (0)6 386 045 63

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